Passively Active

If you’re looking for civil disobedience or warrior posturing, it’s not going to happen again with me.

There’s so much that can be done to improve our society by simply being a better person than could ever be accomplished by fussing. There are no comparisons.

The world can be a living hell. Yet some people are living in bliss. It’s not necessarily because they are selfish. Just the opposite, they might have discovered a higher level of learning.

The dark spinners might not agree. Good people might not either. But the wisdom of self help is the key to a better world. When the oxygen mask drops in front of you, take a breath before sharing it with your children. You will be saving more lives than just your own.


Some impressions inspired by “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Going through this book again I’m starting to see how the power a single word from a single person can change the world, for good or bad.

We develop out of a tradition of guessing. And still, we treat our children as one who is training a pet, to varying degrees, using good or harmful reinforcements. I found that an interesting comparison.

The key is to improve the self to achieve personal freedom by being impeccable with your word. Don’t gossip. Understand that speaking against another is a powerful tool and ultimately undermining the self and dooming the positive potential of others. The author likens it to a computer virus.

Be careful what you believe. Don’t take anything personally. Remember when I was a driver and came up with a rule of thumb to not judge other drivers?

The concept is essentially the same in the book. Don’t take anything personally, good or bad. Even the most personal seeming behavior is an enactment of that person and has nothing to do with who you really are.

We are within our own realities. Taking things personally is ultimately a selfish act. “…everything is about me.” No one knows you, really. You know nothing about them.

Just my own thought, I don’t think I can stop assessing people completely. But it’s a personal reflection to decide how I want to live. I want to be less expressive about those I see in the world. I don’t have to share my assessments.

It’s difficult for an individual to truly progress toward mental and spiritual evolution because of the words that conflict within each of us. It leads to uncertain paths and, in my mind, the adherence to traditional societal expectations, good or bad.

“Don’t expect people to tell you the truth, because they also lie to themselves.”

Make it a habit to not take things personally.

Don’t make assumptions.

This one covers a lot. Assuming is another way of saying guessing.

When we feel sick, sometimes we look up symptoms on a medical website online. How often do we push our anxieties through a filter of guesses, jumping to conclusions about our health, making it worse?

Here’s a good one. Online dating. As soon as you get a response, does your mind move toward creating scenarios, maybe even to the point of deep commitment? It’s not hard to do. I’ve been there myself.

But in reality, having unreal expectations puts a limit on the potential of a situation, not necessarily letting it unfold in a truthful nature, the unforced flow of reality, whatever the results would be.

One more: Three weeks ago my daughter and I were going to the car after a visit to the grocery store. We were stopped by a woman with a sad story. Her arm was deformed from a birth defect. I could read her desperation through her expression. She was thirteen dollars short for a vital car repair and was asking me if I could spare any bit of it.

I took the request at face value. I don’t have a loose budget and had a small amount of cash in my wallet for emergencies. I’m not sure how I would have responded if I didn’t read her desperation. But I emptied my wallet. Twenty five dollars.

A few minutes later, my daughter and I saw her ride past with a man. The car had dents all over, rust, the hood was completely missing.

I don’t know how she was going to use the money. But I sensed a relief in the universe. Whatever I would do with the money isn’t necessary what she would. But it was important to her. I sensed an ease in the tension around me.

What am I going to do without my safety cash? Trust in the universe. Trust is love.

Always do your best means exactly how it reads and fluctuates with your physical and mental states. Time and practice improves your abilities.

I’ve noticed that with making music. I don’t always feel ‘in the zone.’ But when I shut down the doubts, I’m more apt to enjoy and perform well. It gives me the understanding that I can express myself regardless of my mojo, and be successful.

Doing your best qualifies the concept of experiential living. We live to experience. Our contribution to the universe is as a witness and positive influence.

This is the viral word that will lead to the evolution of humanity.

Final Touches

I ordered a new light, the crowning element to my new workspace. The bulbs I have now are too bright for the desk. So I ordered one I could fine adjust.

They announced it would be here before nine. But I’ve never had to wait as long as this moment to get a delivery. It’s supposedly in town but was never marked for delivery.

It will make my desk a little universe, allowing me to work in the evenings, if I’m inspired.

I know. It sounds like I’m spoiled. Sometimes I just am, I guess.

To the Core!

Yeah, it sounds like a toast. But it’s not.

I realized what woke me up last night. Just after breakfast this morning. Something was aggravating my insides.

Then it occurred to me. My yoga workout yesterday was ab based. Hell! I was feeling the burn!

It made me feel pretty ill last night. But I know why. It’s my delicate center. Gotta start changing that right away.

Warmth of Presence

It’s about being present

as my window seat has

me join dim light and rain


separated by panes

to witness October chill.

Nondescript jazz

is a blanket to the morning

with the swelling of faded leaves

wash with the traffic

as I write stories of love and pain.

And I remember how I love those two.

The Club

“This has gone too far!” James bolted out of his chair, ready to charge out for good. He saw the buildup, feeling helpless to do anything. Now all he wanted was to reassure the victim.

“Hold on, James,” Sean held up his hand, a signal for Harris to close the door. After which, he gripped Jim’s arm. Jim was not prepared for a struggle.

“It hasn’t gone far enough,” Sean turned his head to look into James’ face. “No. His suicidal comments were just what we needed. Now we can take him out without drawing suspicion. I thought you were with us, James.”

It was more of a gut instinct, not fully thought out. In one move, he yanked his arm loose and cycled his elbow up toward Harris’ teeth, with a crack. It knocked him back a half step.

Recovering as Jim bolted past, Harris used the momentum to shove Jim into the wall. Jim’s head made a sickening thud, as his body crumpled to the floor.

Sean scowled for a moment, rubbing his unshaven chin, pushing and pulling on the skin of his face. “This was unexpected. Call the others. We need a story, quick!” He shot a loathing glare at Harris.

Harris didn’t hang around. Wiping the blood from his aching mouth, he charged through the door and disappeared into the darkness. His heavy steps echoed away.

“Poor James didn’t know how to play,” Sean shook his head, but savored the sight of the dark pool of blood growing beneath Jim’s damaged skull. “We’ll figure this out. A two-fer, eh James?” Sean clasped the small medallion on a silver chain around his neck, closing his eyes as if in prayer.


Today is the first day I read it.

When my therapist told me, I couldn’t quite understand her.

I thought she said the Ford agreement, or maybe the for agreement… fort… I wrote those options down figuring it would come out when I searched.

Sure enough it did.